Passion is found in exploring the ingredients that you start with. It must be fresh and grown sustainably to achieve the best flavor. I build flavor as I cook, using my palette to compliment your entire meal or experience. I like to push the edge and get you to explore new flavors and unexpected surprises. I want everything you to eat to be followed by “wow” I didn’t know something so simple could taste that amazing.

Summer Colorado Cherry Cobbler

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This has become one of my favorite staple recipes for a quick and simple dessert.  I have fond memories of my grandmother making peach and apple cobblers.  I remember as she pulled them out of the oven and scooped a big melty spoonful of vanilla Blue Bell ice cream in the bowl brimming with warm fruity goodness straight out of her olive-green gas oven, that I thought this must be the definition of heaven.  This recipe seems to be quite similar to the one my grandmother used to make, never one for too much fuss or fanfare.  She was a busy woman, always flitting about in either the garden or about her modest North Texas post-World War II frame house that she and my Grandfather and her father built before he was drafted and the Navy shipped him off.  Women of the Depression often utilized whatever little ingredients they had and as such were creative in the recipes they came up with.  If one flips through old cookbooks you can still see the remnants of such recipes such as mayonnaise cakes and tomato soup cakes.  They made it work and were proud of the contributions they offered to their families.  I hope you enjoy trying this recipe!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees, use a half hotel pan, 2″ deep or a standard 9″ x 13″ pan.

1/2 C. butter, unsalted.  – Melt in pan while the oven is heating up

Combine the following by hand in a small mixing bowl.  After mixing the batter, add it all at once into the melted butter hot baking pan.  Do not stir it up.

1 C AP flour

1/3 C white sugar

1 t. baking powder (teaspoon is usually represented with a small “t”)

1/2 t. salt

1 C. milk or non-dairy milk such as Almond-Coconut (my favorite)

—–  wipe out the mixing bowl and combine, toss until the cherries are coated well

2 C Cherries, pitted and cut in half

1/2 C white sugar

1 T. AP flour

a squeeze of lemon juice

Then drop the cherries all over the batter, resist the urge to mix it together!  Place in the oven – Check at 35-40 minutes, it might need a few more minutes…





non- GMO Sugar find at Local Market in Gypsum

While trying to decide between Butter Pecan Dreyer’s Ice Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip…oh the choices abound, and feeling a little guilty about my 9:00 pm craving, I decided to pick up a few needed items at my local grocery in Gypsum, CO.  I was looking for natural cane sugar to use in my coffee and tea because I feel the flavor is much different than over-processed white sugar.  It has a slight flavor of caramel, not overly intense like brown sugar, and I generally feel better about my morning cup of Joe when I don’t drown it in a heaping spoonful of white carbohydrates.  I’m probably just deluding myself, but, Hey!  I need my Java!

So I found this small bag of unrefined, non-GMO, pure cane sugar from Mexico at a small price of about $2.39 for 2 pounds.  There was a larger bag also, however, I forgot to write down the price. It’s in a plastic bag (boo!) but even the bag was labeled as #4 recyclable (where facilities accept).

The company is Zucarmex and the distribution center is in Rio Rico, Arizona.  This product is labeled as “non-GMO project verified” and Kosher certified.  They have a Facebook symbol on the package and links to their email and website.  The packaging also had a recipe for “Easy Lemon Cookies” on the back.

Kudos to a small company for getting on board with social media, producing a sustainable product and ensuring a reasonable price and value for the customer.  We need to search out and support these businesses so they keep providing us with great products.