non- GMO Sugar find at Local Market in Gypsum

While trying to decide between Butter Pecan Dreyer’s Ice Cream or Mint Chocolate Chip…oh the choices abound, and feeling a little guilty about my 9:00 pm craving, I decided to pick up a few needed items at my local grocery in Gypsum, CO.  I was looking for natural cane sugar to use in my coffee and tea because I feel the flavor is much different than over-processed white sugar.  It has a slight flavor of caramel, not overly intense like brown sugar, and I generally feel better about my morning cup of Joe when I don’t drown it in a heaping spoonful of white carbohydrates.  I’m probably just deluding myself, but, Hey!  I need my Java!

So I found this small bag of unrefined, non-GMO, pure cane sugar from Mexico at a small price of about $2.39 for 2 pounds.  There was a larger bag also, however, I forgot to write down the price. It’s in a plastic bag (boo!) but even the bag was labeled as #4 recyclable (where facilities accept).

The company is Zucarmex and the distribution center is in Rio Rico, Arizona.  This product is labeled as “non-GMO project verified” and Kosher certified.  They have a Facebook symbol on the package and links to their email and website.  The packaging also had a recipe for “Easy Lemon Cookies” on the back.

Kudos to a small company for getting on board with social media, producing a sustainable product and ensuring a reasonable price and value for the customer.  We need to search out and support these businesses so they keep providing us with great products.

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